an update.

I'm working on a bunch of things at the moment which is quite exciting!

A quick outline of some of the projects I'm involved (with more information coming soon!):

  • commission by Petrichor Sax: I have been asked to write a piece for this awesome Sydney-based saxophone quartet. I am so grateful for this opportunity and for the chance to work with a fantastic ensemble. The piece is called "popcorn convection." for SAATB quintet.
  • new work for Pete Leung: Pete is a great saxophonist (more saxophone!), composer, PhD candidate at the Con. He is working on some interesting pieces himself and whilst having a workshop session with him (Saxophone for n00bs - me being the n00b) have developed ideas for a piece for him. I am hoping to explore the concept of an auditory score wherein the performer reacts with audio "cues"/ideas in the performance of a work.
  • "visual rhythms." - a suite for a variety of instruments that explores rhythmic patterns found in the skylines/architecture of Sydney.
  • the possibility of 2 of my works being performed again! (this opportunity is very much in the works...but stay tuned!)
  • "in 4." - I am quite thrilled to be working on a sweet project along with Oliver Hollenbach and Erin Hendry and a team of fabulous musicians! the music box project. is something I started with these cool people in late 2013 and it's great to be working on a project that's gained interest both locally and internationally. it's a delight to work with Oliver and Erin and such an awesome boost of creativity!

Looks like 2015 is going to be a busy year!