2016 is looking to be crazy (and creative year)!

I am looking forward to working on a variety of projects - ranging from commissions to instrument building to presenting a few concerts with the music box project. to curating a new collaborative work with students across Australia to creating an outdoor site specific “situation” for sound to exist…I guess I’ll also fit in some study in between..

I look forward to shedding more light on all that’s happening soon!

In the meantime… I’ll be heading to Singapore for a new music festival “PAMS (Pacific Alliance of Music Schools): Traditions and Innovations”. My work “o.” (part of a greater collection of work “sound parcels.”) has been selected to be performed part of the Young Composers concert and will be performed by a mystery ensemble of 30-40 musicians (which is equally exciting as it is frightening!). I’m especially looking forward to participating in a variety of workshops and other activities part of the festival along with other students/composers.

With all that’s happening…I’m hoping to increasingly document my thoughts, work and the process behind my work on this blog.

I enjoy the process of documentation and collection and therefore considered the fact that perhaps there are other people (that for whatever crazy reason?!) might be interested in discovering or perhaps “unwrapping” parcels of random ideas and thoughts that relate to whatever it is I do. I am particularly interested in keeping track of my listening habits and everything else that I sonically consume. If anything the site will be a helpful tool to develop the thought process behind my work! We shall see!