I am increasingly interested in creating new resources and activities for educational use - with a particular interest in considering new ways to engage students with new music practices (with a focus on Australian made music). If you are interested in any of the resources below - get in contact for a link to a free download. Additionally, I frequently tutor and present creative composition workshops at schools across Sydney - more information

HSC Music Composition Space

Where to begin when starting to compose a piece? This page includes embedded examples, activities, questions and score excerpts. Aimed at HSC Music 1,2 and Extension student, however, equally helpful for Prelim student and elective music courses as well. Click title above to explore....


iBook: Let's look at: NEW MUSIC

This interactive resource explores "new music" and introduces students to the world of new and experimental artistic forms. Exploring "Extreme" music, graphic notation and improvisation...students are guided through fun and creative activities intended to develop skills in performance, composition, improvisation and listening. In accordance with the iBook, I have created a 4 week lesson plan, non-digital resources, activities and a piano/keyboard widget that is compatible with Apple iBooks.


Keyboard Widget: iBooks Compatible

This keyboard widget can be downloaded in it's basic form and is free to use for whatever purposes. I made this widget in iAd Producer as I wanted to have an interactive piano that would work in my iBook. Email me if you are interested in the file to make improvements/edits, etc.


Australian Music Box

A website/HTML 5 interactive resource to serve as an introduction for students studying Australian composition. Includes quizzes, games, activities and more! Compatible across multiple platforms/browsers.