Creative composition workshops

Hi! I am a composer and educator passionate about teaching composition, sharing my curiosity for creative music and considering new and collaborative ways to explore and create music in schools.

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HSC Music Workshops (Music 1,2 and Ext)

I create workshops tailored to the needs and interests of students. To accompany all workshops, I create a custom resource booklet that recaps and expands upon content covered. As a composer, I am committed to include examples of Australian music in my workshops - often exploring the strategies and ideas behind my own work and the work of my peers.

Example workshop content could include:

  • Reviewing student compositions (one on one time within a group setting)

  • Developing music technology skills (including Sibelius, Finale, Logic, Abelton)

  • Creating an action plan for the early stages of the composition process

  • Considering strategies to make the most of a composition portfolio throughout the composition process

  • Understanding notation and score presentation

  • Applying creative performance, listening and analysis skills to the composition process

My experience includes:

  • Tutoring composition (specialising in HSC Composition) privately and in schools across Sydney.

  • Casual lecturing at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

  • Presenting workshops (primary and secondary) that cover topics ranging from music technology, Australian music and whacky instrument building.

  • Presenting creative composition and music technology workshops for Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s teacher training courses “ToppED Up!” and “TunED Up!”.

  • Developing the Australian Music Centre’s new learning platform (currently in a BETA testing phase) Echo.

  • Creating resources such as an online HSC Composition Space for students, digital kits for Echo and a teaching kit for SSO exploring found sounds, creative listening and Katy Abbott’s orchestral work Introduced Species. I’m currently writing a book of composition-focused games and activities.

  • As a composer, my work is deeply rooted in collaboration, curiosity and creativity. More about my work here.

Use the form below to get in contact and I'll let you know my availability and rates. All workshops (including a customised resource booklet) are offered at an affordable rate and discounts apply for multiple sessions. I look forward to sharing my passion for composing with your students! 

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