small ensemble.

TAM (2018)
voice, tenor saxophone, violin, double bass, electric guitar, theremin
premiered by the music box project @ 'Extended Play Festival' City Recital Hall

recipe (2018)
three flutes + narrator
premiered by Naomi Johnson, Tomomi Matsuo, Mark Xiao, Tina Stefanou @ 'Upstairs@AYH: soup' Australian Youth Hotel

breath. (2016) listen / press
flute, tenor saxophone, trumpet, violin and bass guitar
premiered by the music box project @ 'BackStage: yMusic + the music box project.' creative space 99

sound in z. (2016) listen 
clarinet, bassoon, piano and electric guitar
premiered by Gillian Yu, Abhi Kapoor, Alexander Yau and Danica Hobden @ Recital Hall East, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

einstein’s camembert. (2015) listen
flute, clarinet,  alto saxophone, trumpet, harp, piano, 2 violins
premiered by Jamie Lee, Zhu Xing Cao, Jess Squires, Hattie Channon, Khor Jee Fei, Julia Lee, Hana King and Mishi Stern @ Recital Hall East, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

elastick. (2015) listen / watch
alto saxophone, accordion and electric guitar
premiered by Laura Andrew, Elizabeth Jigalin and Danica Hobden @ 'Petrichor Sax: Painting Music' Glebe Justice Centre

x. (2015) listen
prepared organ duet
premiered by Ben McKenzie and Edith Yam @ Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

popcorn convection. (2015) listen 
SAATB saxophone quintet
commissioned and premiered by Petrichor Sax @ Glebe Justice Centre
other performances @ Sydney Conservatorium of Music Open Day, St Stephen's Uniting Church

panoply (2014)
flute, violin and piano
premiered by Anna Cooper, Jacqui Carias and Elizabeth Jigalin @ 'Musicalitea' Verbrugghen Hall
performed by Sally Whitwell and Quintessential Doll @ 'Curiosity and Whimsy' Foundry616

triptych (2013)
clarinet, cello and piano
premiered by Peter Anthony Smith, Chris Mui and Jeremy So @ 'Sonic Sketches' Recital Hall East, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

toy box. (2013) listen / watch
open ensemble
premiered by Istvan Peter B'Racz, Bill Beckett, Brendan Randall-Myers and Nate Trier @ 'Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Hard Eight' Jan Hus Church New York City



microcuriosity. (2016) press
solo piano
premiered by Elizabeth Jigalin @ 'Hot Off the Press' Recital Hall West, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

drawn sound. (2016) listen
solo piano
premiered by Elizabeth Jigalin @ 'Sculpture Musical Phase II' Recital Hall East, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

matryoshka. (2016) 
percussion etude

point & line (2014)

clocks  (2014)

shortcuts. (2015)
solo trombone w/ piano accompaniment
premiered by Jackson Bankovic and Elizabeth Jigalin

acousticophobia. (2013) listen / watch
solo contrabass clarinet
premiered by Boyd @ 'Technicon' Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music



that sound afar. (2016)
4 roaming voices.
premiered by Clare Richards. Hannah Alexander, Rebecca Hart and Erin Hendry @ 'Echoes of the Garden Palace' Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.


sound situations.

your ears are appreciated. (2017)
piccolo, flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, melodica, percussion, erhu, violin, viola, double bass
premiered by Ensemble Offspring @ Sizzle, Petersham Bowling Club

o. (2015-2017) listen / more info
open instrumentation
performance by Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Ensemble
performance by Stereo Mono (Melanie Walters, Charlie Kelso, Samantha Webber, Charlie Thomas, Rita Reichbart, David Moran, Georgia Gamble) @ 'F A L S E  C O G N A T E' Format System Gallery
recording by Stereo Mono/ABC Classic FM @ ABC Studio 520, Adelaide
performance by COMA

partial studies. (2016) watch
3 studies for partial instruments
"partial/dispersion." for swarming flutists awarded 1st Prize 'Unbound Flute Festival Composition Competition' (Tertiary category) 
premiered @ Unbound Flute Festival, South Bank, Brisbane


installation/sound sculpture.

inharmonicity. (2013)
sound sculpure/instrument consisting of 200 door keys

sea bells. (2013)
sound sculpture
installation @ Myall River, Winda Woppa/Hawks Nest , NSW


youth ensemble

city sketches (2014)
junior string orchestra
premiered by Sydney Youth Orchestra Strings @ Shore School

rubiks waltz (2014)
junior string orchestra
premiered by Sydney Youth Orchestra Strings @ Shore School



by taking a nap, I pound the rice. (2015)
electroacoustic work

in 4. (2015) listen / watch
open collaborative work with 40 composers from around the world